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You can now schedule your Guam drivers road exam with Guam Public Safety Educators. No more waiting at DMV.

Our road test examineers are professional, courteous and road exams can be scheduled immediately. Why wait for your road test when we can do it today.

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of
occupational fatalities in the U.S
Implementing a defensive driving
program is a necessary and profitable investment of time and
resources. You can't afford not to.

OSHA says, you need a defensive driving program to save lives
and reduce injuries within your workforce. To protect your
companies human and financial resources and to guard against
potential liabilities for the company, its shareholders and its
employees resulting from crashes involving employees driving
on company business.

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Calvo's Insurance company has been instrumental in supporting safer roads on Guam. Calvo's Insurance offers discounts to corporate fleets as well individual auto insurance holders. Contact Calvo's Insurance today for details on how you can receive these benefits.

Guam's First Drivers License Road Exam Company

Take your Guam drivers license road exam in our 2013 Toyota Corolla. This car is courtesy of Atkins Kroll.

Thank you Atkins Kroll!!!!


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